Building a retirement houseboat in Shoreham from scratch

Tata roofing system went up in just one day – By Southern Sheeting The Shoreham Houseboat community has been called “Britain’s wackiest street,” with more than 40 houseboats, ranging from a converted post-war German torpedo boat to a British gunboat... View Article

The pros and cons of zonal planning

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has published a new report which sets out the strengths and weaknesses of zonal planning systems. Planning Through Zoning provides an insight into the use of zonal planning in a number of different nations... View Article

Self-sufficient heating

Nicola Martin, Sales Manager at RadiWarm® makes the case for pipeless radiators. Homeowners are choosing modern pipeless radiators for their projects because they like their flexibility, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.  For a long time they were used where extending the... View Article

The value in data

The development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) changed the way that construction companies interact with data and helped them understand its true value. As we use this digital framework and develop more technologies, such as digital twins, built environment professionals... View Article

Extending Your Reach

Extensions on existing properties are one of the most popular residential construction projects in the UK. Here, Charlie Ayers, MD of sustainable backing system brand SureCav, offers his tips on how to make your extension investment go further.  ‘Don’t move,... View Article

Stair safety – accessibility and the self-build project

Home accessibility and functionality are important considerations when planning a self-building project. Typically however, the stairwell and adjoining areas are often seen as the ‘poor relatives’ after the glamour of the kitchen and family rooms. Yet this area of your... View Article

Cottagecore ideas for your home

Kitchen: Neutral coloured and muted tones are the key to the cottagecore trend – whilst not everyone can live in a countryside cottage, that feeling can very much be brought into  your home in the form of a country style... View Article

No compromises

Self and custom build homes make up around 40 per cent of new homes throughout the developed World, yet in England, they make up just 5. Jack Wooler speaks to Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, CEO of the National Custom and Self Build... View Article

How to specify windows for your selfbuild project

Donna Muir, Workstream Lead, VELFAC Direct Modern window technology can deliver a host of performance benefits to any self-build project, from vastly improved insulation to more natural light, and not  forgetting the ‘wow factor’ of big windows or glazed screens.... View Article

Façade paints help selfbuilders take on a whole new look

Modern advances have enabled today’s paints to offer fresh potential for creating new façade design possibilities. Kevin Davies, Technical Manager of Sto UK, looks at some of the benefits which the latest developments offer to selfbuilders. In contrast to previous... View Article