Don’t kerb your enthusiasm for brick

Jason Hughes of Imperial Bricks explains how variations in brick colour, texture, size, and laying pattern all have a direct affect on the kerb appeal of your project, which impacts its future value Choosing the right cladding material is one... View Article

Futureproofing timber frame homes

Matthew Evans of Kingspan Insulation discusses how to ensure your timber frame home is well insulated so you don’t lose energy efficiency benefits Timber frame constructions are growing in popularity in the UK and now account for around 25% of... View Article

Refreshed regency elegance

Francois Belot and Andrea Buscone found a shared joy in their sensitive renovation and extension of an elegant Regency townhouse in south London TEXT ALEXANDRA PRATT IMAGES INNA KOSTUKOVSKY It was December 2019 when London-based couple Francois Belot and Andrea... View Article

Roaring into retirement

Embarking on the journey of self-building their retirement home along the south-west’s Jurassic Coast turned into a decade-long adventure for two septuagenarians. The result surpassed everything they could have hoped for TEXT EWEN MACDONALD IMAGES PHIL COFFEY Former city dweller... View Article

Permeable paving: the driving force behind SuDS success

Chris Hodson of Interpave delves into the impact of soon to be mandatory sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) in new residential projects, and the transformative role that permeable paving plays The wider application of concrete block permeable paving to reverse... View Article


Young newlyweds Euan and Fiona Coleman thought they had found their forever home, but once children arrived they reassessed their wish list of practicalities, which led them to embark on a renovation in Hertfordshire TEXT LAURA SHADWELL IMAGES JWB ARCHITECTS... View Article

The warm feeling of cost-efficiency

Dennis Milligan of the BFCMA explores the efficiency benefits of wood-burning stoves, how they work with heat pumps, and installation essentials Heat pumps work best when they are running at a constant temperature. A stove can complement a heat pump... View Article

The Window View: A look at safety issues

Victoria Brocklesby of Origin discusses what features to look for in your doors and windows in order to achieve the critical security you need for your home When undertaking a self-build project, it can be tempting to overlook home security... View Article

Selfbuilder Diaries

After overcoming a rocky start, Kerri and her family are now making headway with a self-build in the Suffolk village they’ve lived in for years. She says the excitement and enthusiasm is building as their new home starts to take... View Article

Home Styling: Bathing in texture

LISTEN HERE Jorge Hernandez of Bathroom Brands Group explores how applying texture can make it transformative in modern bathroom design. From fluted accents to intricate tiles, discover how tactile and visual approaches can elevate your space Whether you want your... View Article

Ask the Expert: Floored by choice?

LISTEN HERE To assist self-builders exploring the myriad structural timber flooring options out there, Scott Wolters of EGGER UK provides a brief overview of the choices and solutions I’M LOOKING FOR A SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION, WHAT’S BEST? Given the ongoing climate... View Article

Interior Inspiration: Home Offices

LISTEN HERE Whether it’s a dedicated room or an office nook for occasional home working, striking your balance between comfort and professionalism in a home office can be challenging. Here, we’ve gathered an elegant selection of items to help you... View Article


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Breathe easy

Jay Vitale of Air For Life looks at the essential importance of indoor air quality, and the practical considerations around purification systems, while addressing common self-builder concerns to help you breathe easier Building a home from scratch is a rewarding... View Article

Variety is the spice of self-build facades

Combining cladding with stone, brick and other materials on your exterior can give your home added character and create a strong aesthetic statement, as Lisa Grosse from Cedral explains While brick is widely used for residential exteriors in urban settings,... View Article

Changing the game with Origami

For Hugh and Karen, the obvious response to improving a 1980s house near Stirling was to extend, however in the end a full ground floor reconfiguration with a ‘folded’ appearance was a game changer, creating ‘the Origami House’ TEXT NIK... View Article

Time to turn off the gas

When choosing a heating system for your new-build project, it’s now time to move away from the previous default option of a conventional gas boiler. James Chaplen of Mitsubishi Electric says that UK’s net zero target is just one reason... View Article

The power of daylight

David Clarke of IDSystems explains the transformative power of bringing abundant natural light into the home, and how innovative glazing solutions are reshaping our modern living spaces Over the past decade, there has been a substantial shift in the way... View Article

Form follows

Simon and Jo Morris made over their home in Hitchin with their architect, transforming it from an open-plan layout to a set of distinct, harmonious spaces that worked better for their growing family TEXT TOM BODDY IMAGES JWB ARCHITECTS In... View Article

Selfbuilder Diaries

Film editor Ollie Stothert and his wife’s biggest production yet saw them write a new script to transform a site in Buckinghamshire “And…Action!” – these words have defined my career as a film editor. Little did we anticipate that these... View Article