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Time to turn off the gas

When choosing a heating system for your new-build project, it’s now time to move away from the previous default option of a conventional gas boiler. James Chaplin of Mitsubishi Electric... View Article

Committing To A Low Carbon Journey

In April 2022 we surveyed our self-builder readership to discover how many of them were pursuing a ‘low carbon’ build, and also what their challenges have been along the way.... View Article

Selfbuilder Diaries

Film editor Ollie Stothert and his wife’s biggest production yet saw them write a new script to transform a site in Buckinghamshire “And…Action!” – these words have defined my career... View Article

The lowdown on natural flooring

Crucial Trading’s Scott Hosie walks you through the different looks and feels of natural flooring materials for each part of your home, to achieve a mix of healthy as well... View Article

Exterior Inspiration: Outdoor Living

A home’s outdoor space serves as a private sanctuary, offering an opportunity to step outside and immerse yourself in nature. With that in mind, explore our curated selection of exterior... View Article

Affordable warmth

LISTEN HERE Dean Asher from Polypipe Building Products uncovers the sustainability and practicality advantages of underfloor heating for modern homes As carbon emissions are an increasing concern for homeowners and... View Article

Open to alternatives to open-plan living

LISTEN HERE Ben Brocklesby of Origin offers his advice to self-builders looking to create more functional floor plans, which move away from open-plan to ‘broken-plan’  The way we use our... View Article
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Should you Restore a Listed Building?

Embarking on restoring a listed building is not just a construction project; it’s a journey into the past, a commitment to preserving history. For many, the allure of restoring such... View Article

Keller goes for glass

The black steel door, with a glass front, is loved by many; it gives the home a modern, industrial, luxurious look.  Fluted glass is specifically popular this year and, as... View Article

40 years of wedi

Individuality rooted in secure systems As the pioneer of the XPS industry, wedi has introduced countless product innovations to the construction industry over the past four decades. Built on the... View Article

Statement cork walls the Granorte way

WALLTrend is the striking and sustainable cork wall panel collection from Granorte that brings a special touch. With the beautiful natural texture of cork, WALLTrend comes in 16 designs ready... View Article
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