A new lease of life

When David and Martin Ratcliff set about adding a top-floor extension to their handsome Victorian terraced house in South West London, they had no idea their project would end up taking such a different path TEXT JENNIFER GRIMBLE IMAGES RICHARD... View Article

The great bungalow rescue

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Years of wet and windy winters in rural Shropshire had brought the 1960s bungalow on Bob Griffiths’ farm to the point of near collapse, but he decided to give it a new lease of life Text Roseanne... View Article

Functional flooring

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Darren Trivett of Ridgespear Group offers insights into why developments in underfloor heating make it a practical option, and gives some installation tips The commonest forms of underfloor heating (UFH) involve circulating water through a high-performance plastic... View Article

Radiating future relevance

LISTEN HERE 🔊 With energy efficient heating systems fast becoming vital components of new homes, Chris Harvey of Stelrad Radiators looks at some of the hottest ideas when it comes to radiator innovation for self-builds With the major changes taking... View Article

Power your life

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Mark Chewter of Plug In Solar explains why solar energy remains a great investment, and how a solar PV system can be used to help you meet Building Regulations, while saving money on your self-build home’s future... View Article

Home of two halves

A picture postcard cottage on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall has been enveloped in a distinctly modern addition which also strikes a balance with the property’s traditional half TEXT EWEN MACDONALD IMAGES RICHARD DOWNER For self-builders in the south west,... View Article

A different aspect

Carol and David Fordham took a huge gamble when they bought a tired old 1930s house with the aim of starting from scratch and creating an ‘eco’ home TEXT HEATHER DIXON IMAGES HEATHER DIXON & DAVID FORDHAM The plot was... View Article

Doubling up

Jessica and Harry Gold doubled the size of a Victorian house in Surrey, combining traditional and modern features to create a stunning, light-filled home to relocate to from London TEXT DEBBIE JEFFERY IMAGES DAVID BUTLER “We didn’t have children when... View Article

Tackling all obstacles

Two former rugby team-mates decided to pool their talents as project manager and architect to build a pair of semi-detached, thermally-efficient homes in Surrey. However a series of challenges tested their resolve, as Selfbuilder + Homemaker reports TEXT TOM BODDY... View Article

Building a new future

After a car accident devastated her family, Merula Frankel put all plans for a self-build on hold – but a few years later life took a new turn when she came across a company that shared her sustainable ethos TEXT... View Article

Luxury for less

With increasing focus on creating bathrooms as design-led, luxurious spaces, Sophie Schofield of Ribble Valley Bathrooms gives tips on how to create a spa-like retreat without blowing the budget After the events of the past 12 months, the way we... View Article

Interior Inspiration: Kitchens & Appliances

When it comes to making the ‘heart of the home’ function as healthily as it can, you need to choose the right units and appliances for your space and needs. This selection helps you pick from some of the latest... View Article

Happy when it rains

Not only can a rainwater harvesting system be a first line of defence against flooding, it can also help you achieve long term sustainability in our unpredictable climate. Jae Lester of RainWater Harvesting explains In recent years the UK has... View Article

It’s time for timber

Andrew Orriss of the Structural Timber Association explains the basics around choosing structural timber, and why it holds so much promise for self-builds, particularly on sustainability grounds Structural timber is now used across over a quarter of all new homes... View Article

Small is beautiful

LISTEN HERE 🔊 With an increasing value being placed on outdoor spaces, Ronan O’Dowd of Acheson & Glover shares his top tips on how to make the most of a small garden The Covid-19 pandemic brought a new appreciation for... View Article

Forming an opinion

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Chris Stride at ICFA discusses why self-builders, particularly those looking to maximise energy efficiency, should consider building with Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) If you’ve been researching your new build project recently you will notice that the spotlight... View Article

Structural warranties – a guide

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) navigates through the often complex world of structural warranties required by mortgage firms, providing some clarity for self-builders A structural defects warranty (also known as latent defects insurance) covers defects affecting newly... View Article

Versatile wet rooms

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Neil Whitehead from Impey offers insights into how to create the ideal wetroom or wet area shower space for every size and style of home The coveted wetroom shower space has many guises and, when thoughtfully planned... View Article

The warm glow of lower bills

Rises in gas and electricity prices mean that specifying more energy efficient and renewable heating options such as biomass is even more important, as Ian Sams from Specflue explains Renewable energy means energy produced from sources that are constantly replenished.... View Article

Off-grid sewerage

Rebecca Taylor from HD Services gives her insights into getting groundwork specifications right for your build, and explains the options available when no mains sewerage connection is possible Building your own home can be one of the most rewarding things... View Article