Small wonder

In just six months, Max Tillings and Katie Roach built their bijou coach house on an awkward infill plot, using reclaimed materials to complement the neighbouring Victorian property TEXT DEBBIE JEFFERY IMAGES MAX TILLINGS & KATIE ROACH Few people would... View Article

Get on top of sustainability

With the Future Homes Standard about to change how we heat and power homes for ever, self-builders wanting to future-proof their homes should consider integrated green roofing solutions, says Marley’s Stuart Nicholson Time is now ticking for everyone in housebuilding,... View Article

Unintended consequences

LISTEN HERE 🔊 Lizzy and Rupert Atkins hadn’t intended to do a self-build, but when faced with moving out of the area they loved, they decided to embark on a major renovation project to transform an ‘ugly duckling’ Atkins had been... View Article

Pocket and planet

Here Paul Bailey of Grohe UK answers FAQs on how water-saving products can be incorporated into self-builders’ bathroom projects, to save them money and help the planet With a staggering 32 per cent of household daily water usage used for... View Article

The beauty, range and versatility of natural stone

David Mahyari, CEO of boutique stone supplier SolidNature, explains the key to creating distinctive kitchens and bathrooms in self-builds. Natural stone should be a priority when planning a new kitchen or bathroom as it’s sustainable, versatile and adds an element... View Article

Going green on the Government

Offering homeowners grants of up to £10,000 for energy-saving home improvements, Jack Wooler explores the Government’s Green Homes Grant, explaining what it is, what it can do for you, and how to apply. Able to fund up to two-thirds of... View Article

Origami House

Eve Dennehy of Structur Communications explores Origami House, a one bedroom garden building at a family home in West London that features complex geometry in its folded plate ‘origami’ style roof. Over the past ten years the average age of... View Article

Take control of underfloor heating

Specifying products that not only contribute to a building’s overall efficiency, but enhance how the interior space is used too, will be high on any self-builder’s agenda. Choosing a heating system can have a huge part to play, not only... View Article

Self-sufficient heating

Nicola Martin, Sales Manager at RadiWarm® makes the case for pipeless radiators. Homeowners are choosing modern pipeless radiators for their projects because they like their flexibility, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness.  For a long time they were used where extending the... View Article

Extending Your Reach

Extensions on existing properties are one of the most popular residential construction projects in the UK. Here, Charlie Ayers, MD of sustainable backing system brand SureCav, offers his tips on how to make your extension investment go further.  ‘Don’t move,... View Article

Stair safety – accessibility and the self-build project

Home accessibility and functionality are important considerations when planning a self-building project. Typically however, the stairwell and adjoining areas are often seen as the ‘poor relatives’ after the glamour of the kitchen and family rooms. Yet this area of your... View Article

How to specify windows for your selfbuild project

Donna Muir, Workstream Lead, VELFAC Direct Modern window technology can deliver a host of performance benefits to any self-build project, from vastly improved insulation to more natural light, and not  forgetting the ‘wow factor’ of big windows or glazed screens.... View Article

Façade paints help selfbuilders take on a whole new look

Modern advances have enabled today’s paints to offer fresh potential for creating new façade design possibilities. Kevin Davies, Technical Manager of Sto UK, looks at some of the benefits which the latest developments offer to selfbuilders. In contrast to previous... View Article

The best bricks for your build

Jason Hughes of Imperial Bricks has tips on choosing bricks for your self-build Many self-build projects may be on hold while we work through the COVID-19 crisis, with homebuilders and renovators using the time to research the right products for... View Article

Balustrading best practice

Dominic Meakins of Demon Designs explores the different factors to be aware of when specifying glass or appointing a glass contractor for your self-build, in particular when it comes to getting glass balustrades right Stunning, unique features can be achieved... View Article

Colour me perfect

How can the trend for colour in the bathroom be utilised effectively and what other trends are coming through in the design of this smallest of spaces? Ben Bryden, Sales and Marketing Director of RAK Ceramics UK, offers us an... View Article