Be a septic sceptic!

Dave Vincent of Kingspan Klargester breaks down everything that self-builders need to know about the ins and outs of off-mains drainage, from legal issues to the variety of options available Building a home in a quiet rural setting offers the... View Article

Safe as well as sustainable stoves

Erica Malkin of the Stove Industry Alliance takes a look at the key considerations for self-builders looking to enjoy a wood burning stove in their new home, including recent changes in legislation Wood burning stoves offer a low carbon, renewable... View Article

Home ideas for 2020

To celebrate Homebuilding & Renovating’s 30th anniversary, the magazine is sharing a selection of design ideas, products and innovations to inspire people’s building project in 2020. 1. THE NEW INDUSTRIAL STYLE Forget minimalist interiors — industrial style finishes, such as the Bulkhead 8-inch... View Article

Future-proofed design

John Alimi of Stiltz Homelifts explains why it’s imperative self-builders think ahead when designing their home in order to create a ‘home for life’ It is now far easier to be presented with options for a self-build project or major... View Article

Open to a fresh lifestyle

Richard Atkins, design director at DesignSpace London, shares tips on how to create open plan kitchen living for your project Traditionally, kitchens were hidden from view, with meals prepared out of sight and doors firmly shut between the cooking area... View Article

Bad decisions that could derail your self-build

Building your own home can be a complicated matter, even for the most seasoned of self-builders. While there will undoubtedly be surprises along the way, some bigger (and more expensive!) than others, there are several common pitfalls that have the... View Article

£36 million land deal to create new community

A joint venture between Wainhomes Severn Valley and South Gloucestershire Council will deliver up to 327 new homes in the south of the county. The £36 million collaboration is designed not only to build much needed homes but a new... View Article

Policy Exchange Report on Planning – expert comment

Following The Times’ story on the Policy Exchange report on planning and plans to overhaul the system, Paul Smith, MD of Strategic Land Group commented:  “The planning system is very recognisably the one that existed in 1947 when the socio-economic... View Article

A change for the better

Listen here Heidi and John Exley moved into the house of their dreams near Doncaster – and then modernised it beyond all recognition with the help of a local architect TEXT & IMAGES HEATHER DIXON For years Heidi Exley had... View Article

Sliding doors, made simple

Listen here Steve Bromberg of Express Bi-Folding Doors outlines the essential factors for self-builders who are considering sliding doors – from size limitations to energy efficiency OTHER THAN SAVING SPACE, WHAT BENEFITS CAN SLIDING DOORS OFFER OVER BI-FOLDS? The main... View Article

The fruits of determination

Listen here Nothing was going to stop resourceful self-builder Gill MacLeod achieving the house of her dreams, a major renovation in rural Scotland TEXT JAYNE DOWLE IMAGES EMMA GRAY Clambering around a delivery depot in a hi-vis vest and hard... View Article

An adventure by the sea

Listen here Embarking on a self-build sans architect is not for the faint-hearted, but Joey and Charlotte Thomson decided to go the DIY route to creating their perfect coastal home TEXT & IMAGES EWEN MACDONALD In 2015 Joey Auger and... View Article

An uphill battle

Listen here Ian and Julie Perrin were unsure about buying the ‘difficult’ plot of land they ended up building on in Montgomery, mid-Wales, but they convinced themselves to take the plunge TEXT ROSEANNE FIELD IMAGES NIKHILESH HAVAL When the time... View Article

Curves in all the right places

Listen here Not only have Roger and Lucy Southcott achieved their ambition of building a home that’s energy self-sufficient with super-low greenhouse gas emissions, they’ve also created something that’s carefully shaped to fit the contours of its Wiltshire location TEXT... View Article

Is home heating set for a period of change?

Over the last 10 years it’s become clearer than ever that we can’t go on heating our homes by burning fossil fuels such as gas and oil. As effective as these fuels are, they release carbon into the atmosphere, a... View Article