Storage solutions for awkward spaces

Megan Baker, head of design at My Fitted Bedroom, discusses how to make the most of awkward bedroom spaces, for maximum storage

Bedrooms come in all different shapes and sizes, with awkward spaces being a common problem for many homeowners.

Although designing a bedroom that has a non-conventional layout is always a challenge, a well-designed space can revolutionise a room, making it tidy, clutter-free and all together more relaxing.

Also, with space at a premium in many homes across the UK, transforming nooks and crannies, eaves and alcoves from a frustrating ‘waste of space’ into an organised wardrobe or cupboard can prove to be a great investment for homeowners.

Whether investing in a loft conversion, building a property with high ceilings and sloping walls or making the most out of a bay window, careful consideration needs to be given to the space available in any room, in order to make the most of every inch.

The importance of precise planning and meticulous design should never be underestimated to create the perfect bedroom – especially when it’s a complex shape or has structural recesses that can be problematic.  Rather than ignore or try to cover up the quirkier attributes of a room, you can easily make them work in your favour.

Complementing period features

When renovating an older house it’s often difficult to fit freestanding furniture around the sought-after original features of period properties, and the result can feel cluttered and mismatched.  Built-in furniture, on the other hand, can be designed to work around any shape and size of alcove – meaning original fireplaces and features can stay put.

Fitted furniture works perfectly in traditional bay windows, providing a stunning seating area with ample storage underneath – ideal for housing those duvets, pillows and bedding that otherwise take up valuable cupboard space.

Fitted furniture is not only bespoke in terms of structural design but also in style and colour – another reason the tailor-made approach is ideal for period properties. Unlike many off-the-shelf freestanding ranges, there are hundreds of shades and finishes available, meaning bespoke furniture can be designed to effortlessly complement existing features and colour schemes.

Lofty ideas

When it comes to awkward spaces in the home, angles don’t get much more complicated than attic areas.

When considering how to make the most of space in loft conversions, angled sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution. There are some stunning ranges of sliding wardrobe door systems available that can be tailored to fit almost any shape or size, custom built to a room’s exact specifications and expertly installed to ensure they fit each slope and angle perfectly. This means that ever single inch of space can be utilised.

Cornerstone of style

Corner wardrobes are one of My Fitted Bedroom’s best-selling products. These wardrobe designs create continuous storage space across multiple walls, and when fitted floor to ceiling, don’t waste an inch of floorspace.

Clever door opening solutions, such as a corner ‘stable door’, are incorporated to best suit the space available and well thought out internals will further maximise the space.

Dressing tables can be incorporated into corner units to further provide more seamless furniture solutions – ideal for those who like a designated area for getting ready in the morning. 

Small but perfectly formed

Small rooms need big ideas when it comes to storage. The key considerations here are to utilise underbed and overhead storage to turn vertical space into useful square footage and squeeze open shelving into almost anywhere to eke out every inch of space.

 As smaller rooms are often used by children and teens, televisions and game consoles can be integrated into the side panels of wardrobes.