Solar Home batteries – our long-term promising results

Carbon Legacy now have over 100 domestic Solar home batteries installed of which 45 are Tesla Powerwall 2’s. #TeslaPowerwall

If we look at the ones that have been installed for more than a year then the results are exciting:

  • Homes with solar PV and Powerwall are showing that they can be anywhere between 50-78 per cent self-powered by their home solar PV and batteries
  • Customers electricity bills can be reduced by up to 78 per cent over a year!
  • We have two types of households that seem to be giving the best results. The first is all electric low energy self-builders using up to 10,000kwh/year with an oversized home solar system of 8-11.6kwp
  • These homes would do even better if they had two Tesla Powerwall’s to further reduce their Grid import and make best use of their remaining surplus solar power. We think they could go as low as 10 per cent of their electricity bought in if they had 2 Powerwall’s.
  • The other group who do well are Gas heated homes with 4-5kwp of solar panels and annual electricity consumption between 3,300-4,500kwh/yr. This is great news for most homes in the UK when 76 per cent self-powered is possible, imagine having and electricity bill as low as £130!
  • The other bit of good news is the larger than average Tesla battery (13.5kwh) is not having to work very hard to help deliver these savings so the life of the battery will exceed our original expectations and be somewhere near 20 years

Join the growing group of self-builders taking control of their electricity bill and make your own significant contribution to help reduce Global Warming.

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