Introducing the new range of aluminium windows from Lumi

Lumi’s clean lines add modern elegance and cutting-edge sophistication to your home’s exterior. They look amazing from the inside too. With a vast expanse of glass, nothing comes between you and your view.

Lumi won’t just transform your home’s appearance, it will look after your family’s safety. That’s why every Lumi window has a high-security locking system and anti-leverage hinge bolts as standard across the range.

Lumi windows are filled with Argon gas, use low E-glass and have internal thermal breaks to retain more heat. That’s good news for your fuel bills and brilliant news for the environment.

Lumi glass is bonded flat to the unit structure and fixed in place with super-tight double gasket technology. It’s not just great for letting light in, it’s brilliant at keeping noise out.

Lumi Aluminium Double Glazed

Our slimmest ever design, with a fine border and generous sight lines mean it’s perfect for all uses. The strength and durability of aluminium make it our most popular current model.

Lumi Aluminium Triple Glazed

Slim design with the soundproofing and energy efficiency of triple glazing, this window is perfect for windows exposed to harsh elements, making it a great combination partner with the double-glazed version.

Lumi Lift-Slide Doors

Available in 2 pane and 4 pane, Lumi lift and slide doors are every bit as stunning as Lumi Windows. Equally secure too, with strong locks and robust design features yet light and effortless to move.

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The perfect partner to our all glass design – Silka Doors

We have created a sleek and effortlessly luxurious range of entrance doors called Silka. They make a stylish statement, while complementing your new Lumi windows.

The surface of Silka has a unique, smooth texture that sets the range apart from any other. Our all glass glazing trim is a stand-out feature of the Silka range. Glass is bonded onto a ceramic border to give a cool, flush finish look to this sleek door design.

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