How To Choose the Right Work Surface For Your Kitchen

The right work surface for your kitchen will depend on your personal preferences and kitchen habits. If you are a frequent cook, a regular host, or have little children running around the kitchen, your needs will differ from those who only use their kitchen for quick and easy food preparation.

When factoring in your budget, it is important to assess whether a cheaper work-surface will serve you better than one which is initially a big investment but which may be more durable in the long-term.

We speak to kitchen specialists, The Wood Works, to explore the best options for your work surface depending on your needs.

Best Option For Cost-Effectiveness: Laminate

Laminate work surfaces are a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly kitchen. This material is known to be one of the most cost-effective on the market, coming in approximately £35 per metre.

Depending on your DIY prowess, you may also be able to dodge any installation costs as many laminate options are easy to fit yourselves.

Another benefit of laminate surfaces is ease of cleaning. This can be great for regular cooks or those with children or pets around the kitchen area.

Best Option For Style: Granite

Granite is often favoured for those designing a luxe look for their kitchen. It is known for being one of the most stylish materials around and can work to create a sleek and elegant look for your kitchen.

Not only that, granite is relatively low-maintenance when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and is highly durable. This means that it only requires resealing every ten years or so, can withstand heat from any pots and pans, and is difficult to scratch.

Best Option For A Traditional Look: Hard Wood

For those wanting to make their kitchen feel like the heart and soul of their home, wooden countertops can create a warm and inviting feel. A wooden work surface lends itself to a traditional look and can be a great option for those looking to create a country-style kitchen. See interior inspiration for more ideas.

Additionally, depending on the type of wood, this option can work out to be one of the most budget-friendly.

It is important to bear in mind that wooden surfaces are vulnerable to damage from scratches and can lose their colour over time from exposure to sunlight. See what to consider when upgrading your kitchen here.

Best Option For Durability: Quartz Work Surfaces

Quartz countertops come with the biggest price tag, however their durability is a great investment for your kitchen. Aside from being very stylish, quartz is known for its long-term durability. As well as being easy to keep clean, they are very difficult to chip or scratch and do not need regular resealing.

It is worth noting that for those who frequently use hot pans, quartz is not so durable when it comes to heat. Thus, when creating a kitchen with a quartz countertop, make sure to factor in designated spaces for hot pans.