Clean & simple

In order to help you create a flawlessly minimalist space in your bathroom, Granville Developments’ Matthew Firth offers his top design tips – from the right towel storage using modern radiators, to glass shower screens, and more

Bathrooms are, typically, small spaces with an endless list of necessary installations, from your sink to showers and towel rails. As a result, designing your bathroom to produce a minimalist, sleek finish can feel like an impossible task.

Fortunately, using a few key tips, you can utilise your space to create a sublimely simple bathroom that boasts both luxury and affordability. Carefully considering the aesthetic of your bathroom’s design and how best you can store your everyday necessities, minimalist bathrooms require a little extra effort that’s certainly worth the reward in terms of the resulting aesthetics.

Neutral tones

Minimalist décor celebrates simplicity, so opt for neutral colour palettes that’ll brighten your space. Whites, creams and light grey tones will compliment any size of bathroom, making the room feel larger and unrestricted. These colours can be used for every feature, from your wall décor to soft furnishings and fittings.

Creating a consistent theme with your colour choices will also help to create a minimalist-inspired design, as you can be sure that there aren’t any eyesore colour clashes. If you want to add some colour, stick to one! Pick either a bold colour, like teal or mustard, or more subtle pastel tones. In either case, one colour choice won’t lead your minimalist theme down the garden path.

Clever storage

Minimalism means no clutter; lots of unnecessary bottles on display certainly won’t leave your bathroom looking sleek and simple. Finding clever ways to store your belongings can make a room that’s often quite product-heavy (the various toiletries that are a quintessential part of family bathrooms) appear seamlessly chic, with every item in its rightful place.

From hanging baskets to storage ladders, drawers under your sink and magnetically-mounted organisers, there are a limitless number of creative ways by which you can create a mess-free, minimalist bathroom with savvy storage solutions. Incorporate wicker baskets, mirrored cupboards, waterproof shelves in your shower and door hooks to lessen the amount of ‘things’ flooding your bathroom space.

White accents

Filling your bathroom with white accents is a simple way of making your room lighter and brighter, with a clear minimalist theme. Consider adding a white tile splash-back behind your sink, a white shower mat and white decorative additions, like vases or photo frames. White really does work wonders!

Interesting lighting

When you enter a minimalist bathroom, bright, refreshing, inventive lights can be used to help you bring a bit of levity to the room; drawing your guests’ eyes upwards. Quirky fittings will help the room to feel larger and more spacious.

Minimalism is also a modern trend, recognising this by selecting eccentric yet neutral ceiling lights will celebrate the best of both worlds.

Feature mirrors

Feature mirrors are an essential ingredient within any minimalist bathroom; reflecting the room’s décor, they make the space feel bigger and more simplistic. Plus, you can choose a neutral tone for your mirror’s border if you hope to modernise this feature further.

Think metallic

A metallic theme is incredibly useful if you’re hoping to hone a seamlessly minimalist bathroom. Metallic materials can behave like feature mirrors, being reflective. They’re therefore able to make the most of the light available in your room without the need for cluttered free-standing lights. Meanwhile, its simplicity will prevent patterns from busying your space.

Glass shower screens

To design a minimalist bathroom, consider features which compliment this modern theme. Glass shower screens make your room feel less restricted; you also can’t get any more minimalist than translucent materials. As a final bit of advice, avoid bold colours and eclectic patterns that’d make your décor less aesthetically pleasing.

Matthew Firth is managing director at Granville Developments