Bound to be a success


James Newton of Sureset explains why a resin-bound driveway could be the perfect choice for your build, whether your priority is achieving kerb appeal, or more practical features for everyday life

Do you want to be the envy of all your neighbours? Perhaps you’re looking to make a good impression from the front of your property. We’d all like to improve our kerb appeal and ensure the exterior of our home looks welcoming and attractive. You might fancy a change and want to alter the garden landscaping at the front of your house and create a driveway if you don’t already have one. With an ever-increasing range of landscaping materials to select from, builders, paving contractors and home owners have the ability to create an enormous variety of styles and designs – from the ultra-modern to the very traditional, and it’s that time of year when many self-builders will be planning their build and most certainly looking for ways to spruce up their outdoor space. One quick and simple answer is to opt for a resin-bound driveway, where there are both self-install options as well as full professional installations which are guaranteed.


Resin bound paving is known for its ability to allow water to pass through the material, making it SuDS-friendly and puddle-free, and also therefore compliant with Part H of the Building Regulations as it significantly reduces the problem of standing water. In residential applications, this is a key consideration as since 2008, legislation requires that planning permission must be obtained for any new or re-paving project that is non-permeable.

Planning where it can be installed is easy, with established companies showing a history of a wide range of residential projects laid since the mid 90s for drives, paths, forecourts, entrances, patios and pool surrounds.

Designing your paving conversion

Any space can be transformed into a talking point, all you need is to indulge your inner designer and let your imagination run wild. If there is a huge range of colours and textures to complement or contrast the style of your home or garden, it makes the planning all the more interesting. Resin-bound materials are a modern, long-lasting alternative to traditional materials. Options range from natural gravel and crushed stone to marble and recycled glass, providing an almost limitless choice. From the mellow tone of natural buff to rich shades of terracotta and vibrant primary colours, the palette offers enormous scope to create striking hard landscaped areas.

Why choosing the right aggregate is important

The aggregate you choose will have an impact on your final look, and the final price. While the aggregates work the same, the choice of colour and texture will impact how your surface looks, feels and fits in with the surrounding environment. The aggregate you choose will also affect the price too – different colours and textures come in with different price points, natural aggregates being most cost effective. There are plenty of choices to suit any driveway installation. Aggregate sizes range from 3 mm to 10 mm, although most homeowners opt for a mid-size 6 mm aggregate.

Research the benefits

Check your paving choice meets all your requirements and ensure it will survive the test of time. If you plan to make ‘eco changes’ for the future, consider the following: the installation processes from machinery used to waste saved, the environmental benefits such as permeability, and the material source and its reusability. Resin-bound driveways are quick to install, with the low energy material mixed cold onsite and often hand floated, which delivers a smooth finish. The resin can be dispensed and controlled by a mechanical pump, known as an EcoBatcher, that saves thousands of plastic buckets going to landfill. A resin-bound paving surface will provide many years of high quality performance and offer a guarantee that assures durability, UV stability which is resistant to frost, oil and stains – ensuring that its appearance won’t fade or be compromised over time.

James Newton is marketing and sales director at Sureset