Window framing

Lucy Shore, creative designer at Swish discusses why there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ when it comes to framing windows

How you dress your windows will have a huge affect on the overall look and feel of your home. After working hard to design and build your perfect space, you’ll want to ensure that the finishing touches are as unique as the rest of your project – starting with your window dressings. Floor to ceiling glazing in your living areas will require a different approach to an attic office space, for example.

Bay window

Bay windows can be a fantastic focal point in any room, as they allow additional light to flood in to create a bright, open space. However, the way you dress the window can be challenging, as the wrong sized blind or curtain pole, along with poor drape selection or positioning, can have a huge impact on the finished look.

To fully utilise the space in your bay, consider installing practical blinds across each window. This is a stylish solution which still allows you to utilise the full space within the bay window. When measuring, allow an extra inch around the frame of the window to ensure that when hung, the entire glass is covered.

Curtain poles should not be ruled out for a bay window either. The latest bay pole solutions come with corner joints that can be angled for a perfect fit. Thanks to passing curtain rings and brackets, your curtains will effortlessly glide along the length of the pole without any obstructions.

Wide window

Although larger windows have the benefit of allowing vast amounts of light to flood in, they can also lack privacy and make a room feel cold in darker months. Lined drapes are a great solution as they act as thermal insulation and keep the warmth in. If your window is particularly wide, then a thick curtain pole is a must when hanging a heavy curtain, as it will support the weight of the material.

Adding tiebacks will not only draw attention to neatly pulled back curtains and enable you to unveil the window in its entirety, but also allow you to add accents of colour to your window décor.

Bathroom & Kitchen

As well as the overall look, considering the impact that everyday moisture will have on your chosen blind is vital to ensure it stays looking good.

The beauty of aluminium venetian blinds is that they can simply be wiped dry when needed, avoiding the issues of warping as you often see with wood, or the dark, mould patches which can plague fabrics.

Roller blinds can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen as long as the tube inside the roller blind is metal, as this will prevent mould from forming on the mechanism. The benefit of roller blinds is that you can add a hint of colour or pattern into any room, and you may want to choose a colour that complements accessories within the bathroom or kitchen to really pull your style together.

Bedroom window

Blackout blinds and lined drapes work best in a bedroom, blocking out light so that you can enjoy a dark room when you sleep. Where there is more than one window in a room, consider installing separate poles with single curtains, creating a simplistic appearance.

If you prefer the style of a lighter material, then pair sheer curtains with a blind installed in the window recess. A floor length voile will create impact, whereas a sill length voile will appear neat. Finials either side of the pole can add detail, as well as giving the illusion of a wider window.

For a chic, uncluttered look, opt for the latest cordless blinds. Not only are they great for children’s bedrooms as they remove the dangers of looped cords, but they are also easy to fit and can simply be lifted, lowered and tilted using a bar at the bottom.


Your choice of blind can have a real impact on the amount of heat and natural light reflected into your conservatory or garden room. Neutral shades such as champagne and white are perhaps an obvious choice to create an airy space, but it is worth considering bronze or aluminium colourways, too. These will reflect the light back into the room while adding subtle colour accents and style to the room, without being overpowering.

For a more daring look, opt to add a splash of colour through your choice of blinds. Rich berry shades, for example, will create the perfect backdrop to which you can add metallic accessories, plush cushions and throws for a really cosy style, or even add pastel colours, to create a simple fresh look.

Lucy Shore is creative designer at Swish