Why it’s never been more important to have your self-build insurance

Covid-19 has delayed and affected many self-builds this year, making sure you have site insurance can mean you and your project are protected throughout your project.

There’s little issue with leaving blank plots unattended, as long as you have at least public liability insurance on the site and have put up suitable perimeter security, you’ll be covered. For those with a project underway and no trades on-site, the right insurance policy should give some protection if something goes wrong. But even then, you still need to be aware that insurers will expect you to demonstrate a duty of care to them.

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What you need to know when buying a Structural Warranty

Having a Structural warranty is a requirement for anyone using a Lender’s in the UK, but not all Warranty providers are approved by Lenders. Self-Build Zone is approved by UK Finance and the majority of lender’s in the UK. Our Structural Warranties offers you peace of mind that your project is protected against defects in design, workmanship or materials and backed by A-rated insurers.

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Have you got contracts with your builders?

Although many may class themselves as a self-builder, rarely is every job on site carried out by one person. Most self-builders require trades and suppliers onsite but what if they don’t fulfil what was agreed or delays cause additional costs to you? Without the proper evidence, claims against individuals involved in a build are hard to prove and often are extremely costly and time-consuming. Self-Build Zone have teamed up with Contractstore to produce our self-builder contract pack, a set of reusable contracts that anyone can use with those employed or involved with your build.

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