Time for smart living – creative solutions for a space – right from the start

House building and renovation have huge challenges, one of them being prioritisation of the budget, frequently resulting in wishes becoming superseded by necessity. How then can you ensure that your project can be completed so that those items on the wish list can become a reality in the future without further disruption?

Home Automation is no longer a thing of the future; it can be as simple as a discreet audio system accessible throughout a home to a sophisticated, integrated home control solution that intuitively responds to your needs. At Intelligent Abodes, as home automation experts, we recommend carefully considering the requirements for each room of a home or office space, and alongside the budget you can then set priorities for incorporation immediately (e.g. networking for all your wireless needs or the audio-visual system) and determine what you may like to install in the future.

During the build or renovation project you have the perfect opportunity to install the cabling infrastructure to meet those needs now and in the future – but there are two important factors to getting it right. Firstly, work with the home automation experts on a plan – they have the experience and knowledge to explore all the possibilities with you, designing a solution that specifically meets your needs so you will ultimately achieve a robust, intuitive system that will enhance a living or working experience for many years to come.

Secondly, it is essential you use the correct cabling to support functionality. We for example, supply the cabling and work closely with the architects and contractors to ensure that the cable placement will support all the equipment you may choose to install both now and in the future.

We have created a video which further explores this process, so visit the website to find out more and please contact us if you’d like further information. What you can achieve for your clients right from the start in terms of home automation can truly delight people, helping optimise the usability and fun they can have with their living and working environments, and help provide spaces that truly work.

Some of the areas to consider:

  • Music
  • Home Control including lighting and heating
  • Visual Solutions
  • Automated Curtains/blinds
  • Security Systems
  • Networking