The ultimate in captivating visuals and ease of installation

If you’re looking for captivating visuals and easy installation from your fire, the show-stopping Gazco Skope electric range makes the ideal choice, offering powerful mood lighting and eye-catching flames that render this fire half for function, and half art.

With undulating flame visuals that dance over a deep bed of realistic logs or shining crystals, the Skope is one of the most mesmerising electric fires ever created. But the Skope doesn’t just deliver stunning effects and a fireside glow. Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of stunning fuel beds, this innovative electric fire range lets you decide on the perfect ambience to suit your mood – with only your imagination to hold you back.

Colour psychology stems from the principle that through exposure to certain lighting you can reach greater levels of relaxation, focus, or even revitalise your mind and body. Using Gazco’s Chromalight® system, the bright flames of the Skope come to life. The fuel bed is uplit, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of 13 different colours to match any décor and achieve ultimate relaxation.

There are four inset and two outset models available, that just require a standard three-pin socket to function. What’s more, installation is made even easier with the outset models which can be housed within a Trento suite, allowing you to simply mount your fire to the wall – either offset to the left, right, or centrally – removing the need for any extensive building work.

The Skope is the ideal addition to any contemporary home, whether you are new on the housing ladder, or looking to add something special to any living space.