The Mindful Home: The secrets of making your home a place of harmony, beauty, wisdom and true happiness, out in November

‘What we can do as a householder is to take the flavour of contemplative life and season our home with it.’

The Mindful Home
The Secrets to Making Your Home a Place of Harmony, Beauty, Wisdom and True Happiness
By Deirdre and Craig Hassed
£19.95 hardback |30th November 15 | Exisle Publishing

What is a ‘mindful home’? How can you create one for yourself?

The Mindful Home unites two of the world’s most popular trends: the desire to live better in a lovely home and the ever-increasing interest in the practice of mindfulness.

In doing so, authors Craig and Deirdre Hassed have produced a book that will enable its readers to live a happier and more fulfilled life, by helping them to create the living space they really want and need. If your home becomes a mindful home you are likely to be better rested, more fulfilled, happier and healthier.

Craig and Deirdre begin by looking at the philosophy of the mindful home before moving on to the household’s most critical spaces: those for leisure, socializing, quiet, storage, and outdoor living.

In The Mindful Home quiet and meditation spaces are discussed and the uses of light and colour explored. In addition, lots and lots of tips and guides on mindfulness practice are featured throughout this fully illustrated book.

A mindful life is a measured life and one that is in touch with our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. How these are addressed within your home will make a profound difference to your life. What is important, beautiful and useful is discussed with some practical advice on making the most of these things and removing the unnecessary.