The five tools everyone in real estate should be using

As technology continues to evolve, the tools necessary for success in the real estate industry have developed. Today’s real estate agents, developers, buyers and sellers must take advantages of the innovative apps, devices and technology available to support the house rental and selling process.

Global real estate marketplace Lamudi has explored the five tools essential to success in the current property market.

1. Portable scanner

Real estate agents can finally say goodbye to stacks of paper, by turning their smartphone or tablet into a scanner. With the amount of paperwork real estate agents have to deal with, a handy app like Scanner Pro or DocuSign, enables you to scan, save and share important documents at the touch of a button. And what’s more, by encouraging clients to download the same app, you can send signed documents back and forth with ease.

2. Video footage

Nowadays, people are just too busy to go and see every house that they like the look of. By leveraging today’s wireless technology, real estate agents can take the properties straight to people’s desktops, mobiles and tablets, removing the hassle. Strong video footage can really differentiate a real estate agent from competitors. By providing both images and video footage, house-hunters get a real taste of the property, allowing them to narrow down their favourites before finding the time to arrange viewings.

3. Social media

You may have the most beautiful properties, however if you’re not putting yourself on display to potential clients, the properties don’t matter. Social media pages are vital to finding new customers and engaging with potential clients. And it’s not enough to just create profiles on social media platforms; active engagement allows you to create brand awareness, sharing information about both your expertise and your business.

5. Storage – And lots of it

Tools such as Dropbox are vital for real estate agents. Solve the problem of sharing and storing property images, contracts and additional housing information by simply sending a link to your client’s inbox and freeing vital space on your computer. Not only is this a great way to share information, but an ideal solution to managing your files in the cloud, without using up all of the memory space on your computer, so you can have instant access wherever you are, on any device.