Taking functionality to the next level with BLANCO’s clever three-tier ETAGON sinks

The space-saving, time-saving, creative hub of the kitchen

BLANCO has introduced the ETAGON sink in a variety of sizes, installation methods, styles and colours; a clever sink which is designed for optimum functionality.

By adding an additional level to the sink, and using the ingenious accessories, the “one bowl – three level” sinks do a lot in a little space. ETAGON extends the simple bowl with a ledge detail, a pair of heat-resistant rails and a host of accessories – a chopping board, a thin-profile food board, a colander, and a mobile drainer.

The bowl level is perfect for rinsing, washing and general use; the ledge and rail level for draining, drying and soaking; and the surface level for preparation and serving.

The quality material choices comprise stainless steel, SILGRANIT® PuraDur®, Ceramic PuraPlus®, and the new concrete style stone composite, while installation options are undermount, inset and inset flush for the stainless steel models. The sinks feature the new InFino® integrated drain system.

There are so many time and space-saving benefits for the busy family with this ingenious sink.

Baking trays can be soaked and cleaned in the large bowl, the rails can be used as a trivet for a pan of boiling water or steam cooking container, and kitchen utensils, lids and bottles can be drained on the rails. Vegetables can be washed, then chopped and placed in a bowl alongside all in one space and all at the same time. The colander can be hidden under the food board while crockery and glasses are rinsed and then placed on the rails or the drainer.

The options are endless!

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