Steel windows show their colours

Q: The retro look of steel windows is very much ‘in’, but do they have to be grey or white – what are the colour options?

A: Steel windows specialist Crittall says there’s now a wide spectrum of colours available – you can even colour-match interiors too…

For the ‘hot’ colours for 2015, the ‘catwalk’ and interior design experts are predicting retro influences – olive greens, oranges, a touch of turquoise (1960s). Bright pastels in bold combinations with grey – from the Eighties, Mediterranean blues with white…

But, what works best for you in your home?
You may love tranquil pastel shades (baby blues, mauves, creams) or go for vibrant statement colours (scarlets, indigos, mustard yellows, deep purples, rich pinks) or on the cooler, softer, side of the colour spectrum naturals – also on-trend this season. These days, you can colour-match almost everything in the home – décor, furnishings, appliances – even your window frames – inside and out. With the ‘retro look’ now very much the vogue, steel windows are enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in homes – from ‘two up/two downs’ to luxury minimalist apartments.

John Pyatt, managing director at Crittall, pioneers of steel frame window manufacture for 160 years, says:

“There’s a wide choice of 46 standard – as well as custom-made – colours in matt finish to meet individual needs. There’s even a dual colour option; the steel window frames can match – or contrast with – your interior décor. For impact, try bold or pastel shades or a grey/darker colour on the outside and a neutral/white finish on the inside to match/blend-in with the interior décor. Quality-made, galvanised steel windows will last 60+ years. They are very competitively priced, economical to maintain long-term. Polyester powder coated steel windows have a consistent, even, coating, not requiring redecoration for 25 – 30 years. The slim ‘timeless’ frames and sight-lines, the graceful elegance offered by steel windows, present a light delicate feel inside and out, giving consistency of design. A welcome sense of airiness and space is created. While for that minimalist look, there are most attractive grey, white and black options too.”