Simplicity and versatility with JG Aura by JG Speedfit

JG Speedfit are delighted to announce the official market launch of their new Underfloor Heating controls range – JG Aura.

JG Aura allows for a more flexible and efficient remote regulation of any underfloor and central heating system as well as individual radiator control.

The system provides the capability of controlling multiple zones, enabling the homeowner to set heating time and temperature within each individual room resulting in considerable energy savings.

JG Aura consists of two ranges – a hard-wired 230V system alongside the flagship Wireless Internet enabled range that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the JG Aura App.

Be it for new build or retrofit projects, thermostats can be mains power supplied or, if preferable, wireless thermostats can be battery powered, allowing for greater installation efficiency. Within the wireless range all communication between the network components is performed through a radio frequency (RF) signal, which offers excellent system flexibility.

The new JG Aura controls present beautiful styling, touch sensitive control whilst incorporating high level functionality ultimately defined by the unique pioneering “4 in 1” JG Aura thermostat.

The 4 in 1 thermostat can be easily configured as a Programmable Room Thermostat (PRT), Group Control Thermostat, Group Thermostat or a Hot Water Timer. Either used individually or combined into groups, the JG Aura Thermostat allows the convenient simultaneous control of many functions from 1 central place. This enables JG Aura to manage Underfloor Heating circuits, hot water supply and individual radiators with ultimate ease as all are combined effortlessly.

All this control versatility is available right in the palm of your hand with the JG Aura App. Available free for iOS, Android and Windows users, the app allows you to remotely control your heating from anywhere – using a PC, phone or a tablet.

Mike Riseley, UK Director of Sales, commented:

“JG Aura will propel JG Speedfit into the next generation of Underfloor Heating controls, delivering choice and ultimate control in keeping with the demands of modern day living. I am looking forward to our new controls range becoming a huge success for both JG Speedfit and our customers.”

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