ScreedBoard 20 – A sound Choice for Self Builders

Cellecta’s ScreedBoard 20 and FIBREfon Micro 8 have been specified for a beautiful self-build project in the heart of Tonbridge. Self-build developments are the perfect way to express an individuals personality and creativity through the design of their home. Self-builders have the ability to choose everything about their build to match their every taste; everything from the house construction to the type of insulation used. This sophisticated Tonbridge development was a timber frame construction with Cellecta’s ScreedBoard 20 and FIBREfon Micro 8 specified. This was due to their excellent acoustic performance and low thermal resistance which is ideal for underfloor heating. In addition the boards are able to accept direct application of ceramic tilesIdeal.

Solution for Underfloor Heating

ScreedBoard 20 dry screed boards have the lowest thermal resistance when compared to the most commonly used floor finishes, allowing ground water heat pumps and heat recovery systems to work at their most efficient. In addition ScreedBoard 20 floorboards accept ceramic tiles, feature easy to install interlocking edges, and don’t contract or expand when exposed to water. Most Self-build developments will incorporate underfloor heating into their builds making ScreedBoard 20 the perfect solution, used alongside FIBREfon Micro 8 as a high performance resilient layer.