Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn backs Eco Technology Show

Actor, writer, comedian and TV star Robert Llewellyn, who played Kryten in the hit BBC programme Red Dwarf, is backing the Eco Technology Show, which returns to Brighton on 11-12 June at the Amex Stadium.

Robert is a longstanding advocate of electric vehicles and will deliver a seminar about the technology at the Show, which aims to dispel common myths and encourage companies to adopt electric vehicles for their businesses.

Robert explains,

“Having spent the last six years driving and talking about electric cars, it really feels like the wilderness years are over,”

“There are now dozens of electric cars on the road every day and this is helping to drive down carbon emissions in the UK. Electric cars are finally becoming a realistic, cost-effective alternative, which is great to see.”

“One of the places I have consistently seen the latest cars and related technology in action is the Eco Technology show. It has grown enormously over the years and is now a regular must see event.”

The Eco Technology Show will be popular with businesses, public sector officials and build professionals looking to drive down costs and reduce their carbon footprints through technological innovation. It is now at full capacity with virtually all stand space sold and visitor registrations pouring in.

The Eco Technology Show boasts a high quality speaker programme with over 70 free seminars. Highlights include ThamesLink and Nando’s on EOS auditing and convincing boards to invest in energy saving technology, as well as top representatives from the Buildings Research Establishment, the Energy Savings Trust and the Energy Managers Association.

There will also be an exciting Innovation Zone, where new products such as solar cloths and robots to install insulation will be on display for the very first time, as well as a Communications Hub where businesses, public sector officials and build professionals can get one-one-one expert advice on topics such as retrofitting for energy efficiency and energy management.