New fused spur plus time control in one compact unit from Timeguard

Wherever you need an F.C.U (fused connection unit), it makes sense to provide the added benefit of “energy-saving time control” with the flexibility of push-button manual over-ride and programmable On / Off times especially when all the functionality is encased in a single-gang unit and backed by the Timeguard 5-Year guarantee.

Timeguard engineers have now scored another ace with the new advanced design of next generation fused spurs incorporating time control. By taking advantage of new technology developments, these new designs provide larger and clearer back-lit screens, intuitive and logical programming, with plain-English text prompts, and clear LED indicators for both mains power and timed on/off status.

In a modern world after style and design, the Timeguard FST24 and FST77 incorporate a simple (replaceable) cable knock-out tab (see pic) to keep cables flush to the wall for conduit connection (rather than the old fashioned and ugly flex outlet through the front face) or for wiring from the back.

Push buttons enable users to advance the programme to switch On or Off at a different time whenever required. A boost button gives an extra 1 hour or 2 hour supply for hot water tanks, heaters, office and household equipment etc., with the reassurance that the supply will always switch off again automatically. The Timeguard FST24 and FST77 have a 2-pole 13A override switch and a fuse carrier so that the mains can be isolated for servicing or repair.

Available with 24 hour (FST24) and 7-day (FST77) programming. Please visit