Make growing your own veg simple with new interactive guide

Good to be Home, the digital magazine of Anglian Home Improvements, have produced a unique interactive vegetable growing guide that allows users to create a personalised guide based on where they live, what they want to grow and where they want to grow it.

In August 2014, Good to be Home created a vegetable growing cheat sheet that went viral, getting featured on publications such as The Huffington Post, was viewed online more than 3 million times and shared over 500,000 times across social media.

However, due to the varying climate and seasonal variations around the world, many people requested a version that could give them a more bespoke guide, specific to where they live.

The new guide allows users to specify whether they live in the UK, the US or Australia, if they have a cool or warm climate, where they will be growing their vegetables (plot garden, patio garden, greenhouse, indoor), and what they want to grow (root vegetables, leaf vegetables, bulbs, legumes, cereals, etc).

It will then produce a personalised vegetable growing guide with information about when to plant and harvest, spacing, germination time, recommended pot size, companion plants, pests to look out for, and much more. You can then print off the guide and share it on social media.

Judi-mae Alderton, Search & Social Marketing Manager for Anglian Home Improvements, explained why they created the guide:

“Good to be Home is a fantastic resource for all things home and garden and we were absolutely delighted with the success of our original vegetable planting guide. However, there was a real demand for a more personalised version that worked for different countries as well.”

“We really hope the interactive guide encourages people young and old to get out into their garden and grow their own vegetables. Growing your own not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but can also save you money and is a great activity to do with children or grandchildren.”

Good to be Home have also produced a static herb growing guide, and plans for the future include integrating this into the interactive guide.