Let pellet make your life easier

When self building with sustainable energy in mind, using the most up to-date heating technologies such as the air pellet stove can provide a 21st century alternative, to the traditional wood burner or pellet stove wet radiator system.

The range of MCZ comfort air pellet stoves from Specflue are not only cost effective, but offer 91% energy efficiency. The stoves can be controlled remotely and programmed to come on automatically as and when required, so are perfect for people with busy lives; the perfect combination of convenience and ease-of-use. They also require very little involvement, with fuel replenishment typically required once a day, as opposed to every couple of hours with a wood burning stove.

Specflue, a leading supplier of flue systems, wood burning stoves and renewable heat products, is fast gaining a reputation as a one-stop shop for all things to do with sustainable heating. They supply a comprehensive range of products including thermal stores, solar panels, pellet stoves and biomass boilers and provide the all important training, technical and maintenance support to ensure heating engineers are properly qualified and equipped with the skills to install appliances correctly.

For more information, visit www.specflue.com or call 0800 9020220.