How to Design the Perfect Home Office

Have you found yourself working from home quite a bit in 2020? Like so many others out there, perhaps you were transitioned to a remote environment temporarily and that has now been extended to an indefinite amount of time. Working from home can offer all kinds of benefits, but at the same time, you want it to still feel professional. You also want to create the kind of environment that allows you to be productive.

If you’re tired of a makeshift office space in your home and want to design the perfect home office instead, here are some tips that you can use.

Create a Sense of Privacy in Your Office

Not every home has a designated office space with four walls and a door to separate it from the rest of the home. If you’ve had to get creative in where you set up your office, it’s still important to create that sense of privacy. You can think outside the box and use things such as bookcases, standing shelves or even a folding screen to create temporary walls that help to close off the area you will be working in.

Installing the Perfect Lighting

Another important feature of a home office is the lighting you install. You need to be able to see what you’re doing, obviously, and the right lighting will help to prevent eyestrain. While there are a number of different lighting options available, LED downlights are your best bet for a home office. You can find LED downlights at, who provide sleek, energy-efficient, and effective lighting solutions. Whether it is recessed downlights or downlights that attach to the ceiling, Any-lamp features a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

It’s worth noting that LED technology is great for those who are concerned about energy efficiency, as they typically save about 70% on the energy costs.

Comfort Needs to Play a Factor in the Design

When it comes to office design, there is a lot of emphasis on how things look, but let’s not forget that comfort also needs to play a huge role. Chances are you’ll be in your office for long periods at a time, so you need office furniture that doesn’t just fit the space, but is also comfortable to sit at and work at.

Ideally, you want to find a chair that offers plenty of support and cushioning, and that can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Your desk needs to be large enough that you can spread out your work and not feel crammed and overwhelmed sitting at it. Be sure to also test the height of your chair with the desk you choose, as you want to be able to sit in a natural way that doesn’t cause head, neck, shoulder, arm, back, or wrist strain.

Finish Off the Space with a Little Décor

Finally, you want to cap off the design with a little décor to help the space feel welcoming and relaxing. This could include wall art, a fresh new paint colour, and even decorative pieces on your desk.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to design the perfect home office space.