Homebyme Helps Consumers Transform the Home with Fully Browser-Based, Immersive 3D Experience

Dassault Systèmes has launched the fully browser-based version of Homebyme, its consumer 3D experience to imagine and manage the home environment. Homebyme leverages 3DVIA applications to provide an immersive and interactive user experience with new cloud-based services to transform home furnishing and interior decoration projects, visualize this transformation in a realistic 3D environment and connect consumers to home professionals.

As technology empowers consumers to customise clothes, jewellery and other goods, Homebyme’s virtual applications on the web bring these capabilities into the home. Users can virtually view personalised furniture, flooring, walls, layouts and designs online, before engaging in real-world purchases, projects or renovations. Furniture can be filtered by brand, type, colour or fabric. Rooms can be seen under specific lighting or framed by various backgrounds. With on-demand cloud-based services such as high definition renderings or cardboard virtual reality experiences, Homebyme lets consumers bring their new home to life within minutes.

Homebyme also connects a user’s design environment to a greater community of businesses, home professionals and other users. Furniture providers can easily publish content to Homebyme as well as offer dedicated brand experiences based on their customers’ home mock ups. Estate agents can offer additional value with 3D mock ups for virtual home staging or previews before construction. Architects, interior designers and builders can collaborate with their customers on projects to leverage the expertise of each. In addition, as part of the interactive experience, Homebyme users can discover sources of inspiration for their projects based on an online gallery of projects by other users, as well as share their own.