Garador launches new design concept Duragrain for garage doors

Garage design can change the entire look and feel of a property, so the launch of an innovative new design process from garage door manufacturer Garador is exciting news. Garador’s new Duragrain range of sectional garage doors incorporates a completely new design concept where a realistic timber, natural stone or metal illustration is printed onto the outside surface of the garage door.

The development of this new printing technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for garage door panel design, with unusual and unique surface finishes now possible. The Duragrain range is comprised of 24 decorative colour finishes, including five natural stone decors, 18 treated timber decors and 1 metal decor.

Duragrain has been engineered to last. The inks used in the process are UV resistant and colourfast, meaning they won’t fade or wash out over time, and the finish includes a final protective coating which is scratch resistant and designed to withstand weathering from Britain’s robust climate.

Garador’s Marketing Manager Paul Eddleston comments:

“Homeowners are already showing their approval of these new graphical designs, the intricacies of the natural stone and timber prints really are exceptional.”

Garador’s Sectional garage doors are already recognised as the best engineered garage door on the market. The new Duragrain will only be available on Garador Premium Linear Large garage doors which offer clean modern styling and 42mm thick PU-foam full insulation. This door is especially useful for properties where the garage is used as a workshop or gym or for storing equipment.

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