From the Editor…

Now that the prospect of England winning a major football final has receded back into the distance, life as normal can resume, which – er – means unlocking a country still full of Covid! However it has to happen at some point, and the Government has decided the ‘least worst’ option is to do it when the schools break up, so at least there’s a chance that transmission will be minimised.

I’m sure that your build, if it has been underway in the past year or so, has felt the effects of the pandemic, although arguably construction has been one of the few sectors to escape its worst effects. As I’ve stated before, on smaller sites with only one or two builders, maybe there’s a very slim chance of transmission, compared with other work locations.

However there are of course a host of other sub-contractors who need to be onsite, and products that need to arrive in a certain time window, for things to continue smoothly. To add to this, materials shortages – due not just to Covid but a handful of other factors – are rife.

We are soon to send out a survey which will ask you not only what you think of our content – including your views on the advertisements we run – but also your experiences of issues such as delays onsite in recent months. We hope you won’t mind sharing (anonymously) some of your valuable insights – we are very grateful for your help.

The findings will help us continue to improve our content and ensure it’s relevant to you, so do look out for the survey which should arrive in your inbox in the next couple of weeks!