Exciting new development gets the full Schlüter wetrooms package

Schlüter-Systems’ innovative wet rooms range has been used in an exciting new housing project which will see 15 brand new homes built at the site of a former quarry.

Set on the fringes of central Guildford, Chantry Quarry, which is being built by Latchmere Properties Ltd, will offer villa-style four bedroom houses for sale complete with high quality en-suite bathrooms – and thanks to Schlüter the ongoing protection and maintenance of these bathrooms is assured.

Chosen for its easy assembly and great results the Schlüter®-WETROOMs collection provide a fully integrated under flooring product suite which includes top of the range waterproofing sets, drainage systems and uncoupling and waterproofing membranes for tiling walls and floors.

The Chantry Quarry bathrooms boast an array of Schlüter products specified for their durable qualities and waterproofing protection. Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE has played an important role, as its linear drain channel system offers a particularly low assembly height and has helped give the bathrooms a seamless wet room style finish, along with pre-sloped shower base Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER.

Popular product Schlüter®-DITRA 25 matting, the original uncoupling and waterproofing matting for tile coverings has also been used underneath the bathrooms ceramic tiles. Perfect for bathroom installations, the matting neutralises tensions between substrate and surface, with the added benefit of interconnected air channels which help moisture to evaporate.

Project Architect Tim Lane, of Paul Brookes Architects Ltd, commented:

“The great thing about the Schlüter®-WETROOMs range is that it comes in all-in-one wet room kits which include all the components you need to provide waterproofing solutions for walls and floors. We found them very simple to use and easy to install and they have provided a great overall finish.”

“The other good thing about Schlüter is the fact that they were always on-hand to provide comprehensive advice and information when we needed it, which made it much easier for us when specifying and talking to the contractor during installation.”

Other products to be used in the build included Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD a unique multifunctional tile substrate for wall areas which can also be used to create bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile coverings. The product is 100 per cent waterproof, lightweight and completely even and flat making it the perfect substrate for tiling.

Contracts Manager Richard Bleach, of R Durtnell & Sons Ltd, said:

“I was really impressed with the simple installation process and the quality of the Schlüter-Systems products. The wetroom packs were really easy to assemble and the end result was an installation that looked good and provided peace of mind.”

“The level of support we received before, during and after installation from Schlüter’s team was also very impressive. Although I had worked with similar fittings previously, I was new to Schlüter so the support we received from their expert team was greatly appreciated and I would highly recommend them.”

Carl Stokes, Divisional Manager at Schlüter-Systems, commented:

“We’re delighted that a number of our products have featured in the Chantry Quarry development. Schlüter®-DITRA has been used for over 25 years and remains as unique and effective as when it was first launched whilst the Schlüter®-WETROOM range offers the complete package for high quality bathrooms and makes them easier them ever to install.”

With over 10,000 products in its range, Schlüter-Systems have an essential role to play in every professional tiling project. To find out how it can help you to create more beautiful and longer-lasting installations, please telephone 01530 813396 or visit the website at www.schluter.co.uk.