Efficient energy management increases self-consumption

Energy management is the optimisation of energy consumption, for example heating, electricity and water.

Turning down the heating at night or using water sparingly in the home are among the simplest ways to lower energy consumption. In addition, Fronius inverters offer a comprehensive energy management system for recording and analysing energy flows. Increased efficiency in energy use and a corresponding cost reduction are the result.

Comprehensive energy management is becoming increasingly important

Fronius has been looking at the topic of energy management for a number of years; firstly to lower operating costs, and secondly for ecological reasons. Energy management is also becoming an increasingly popular issue in domestic households owing to rising energy costs and government regulations.

Home automation plays an important role in the optimisation of energy management. Fronius and Loxone have come together to offer an energy management system for increasing self-consumption. Existing systems are also ready for increased self-consumption thanks to the Fronius Energy Management Relay. All inverters in the SnapINverter range have already had the Energy Management Relay fitted as standard.