Do you dream of a “low energy, low cost home?”

Then look no further…

Take four pages of free advice on: insulation specification, air tightness, whole house ventilation with heat recovery, underfloor heating, Thermal mass, solar shading to reduce over-heating. Then add a well-designed Nibe Ground sourced heat pump for space heating and hot water, fill your roof with Q Cells solar PV panels & Tesla Powerwall home battery. What can you expect your results to be in your new all electric house?

Here are the results from one of our recent selfbuilders:

  • 285m² super insulated house
  • Total ALL energy consumption for the last 12 months 8,826kwh
  • Solar Generation 12,232kwh/yr
  • Energy stored and then used later from the Tesla Powerwall battery 2,975kwh/yr
  • Electricity bought from the Grid 3,164kwh/yr
  • Export 6,168kwh/yr to the grid most of which will be available in future years for electric car charging
  • Total energy cost for the year at 16p/kwh £506
  • Then there is the Governments RHI heating subsidy which for this house works out at £13,200 over seven years

Carbon Legacy are long term specialists in Ground and Air sourced heat pumps, Sola PV and battery storage. We strive to help customers become as self-sufficient as possible with Renewable energy in terms of heating, hot water and electricity.

We use only the highest quality equipment from Nibe Heat Pumps, Q Cells + LG Solar Panels, Tesla & Sonnen batteries, and Solax/SolarEdge/SMA Inverters to give you a high efficiency, reliable system that can meet up to 90 per cent of your heat and power needs

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