Calor creates renewable energy ad campaign targeting self-builders

Rural energy provider Calor gas has launched an exciting new national advertising campaign that promotes its new BioLPG renewable gas, a fuel ideally suited to the rural self builder.

The ‘Karma’ campaign features a print ad shot within the stunning vistas of Snowdonia, and also a ten-second video advert filmed at Black Lake, in Tilford, Surrey.

The BioLPG ads are part of a wider campaign, ‘More than just Gas’, which celebrates the joy of everyday life and the wide range of uses for Calor gas in the home, from gas central heating creating a warm welcoming home, to also providing hot water and instant heat for cooking. 

The adverts feature a lady in a yoga pose with the beauty of nature and clean air around her, portraying a sense of calm and inner peace that these scenic locations depict perfectly.

The messaging behind the ads is that that good karma can be gained by selecting BioLPG as it is kinder to the environment than other fossil fuels.

BioLPG, available exclusively from Calor, is created from a mix of renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials. This means that using BioLPG will reduce your carbon footprint for home heating by 38 per cent compared to heating oil.

The print advert can be viewed in a range of self-build magazines such as Grand Designs, Homebuilding and Renovating and BuildIt, and the video advert is currently broadcasting nationally via Sky Adsmart and Video On Demand.

To view the video, go to Calor’s YouTube channel here:

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