Architects and designers get the Imago Point

700 architects regularly use the Imago Points national network of showrooms in Italy for Imago Lift & Slide Doors. They take advantage of the opportunity to show their clients stunning glazed feature walls that open up to connect with the outside.

Now, the Imago Points network has arrived in the UK and Ireland and is growing fast to meet demand for the exciting new wide span door system. Companies manufacturing and installing Imago Lift & Slide timber doors have full sized examples of Imago at their showrooms and offer expert advice.

Imago Lift & Slide Doors feature the highest possible thermal efficiency, offering new design opportunities for UK projects. Developed by Italian hardware specialist AGB, Imago frames the view with large expanses of glass and a very slim wood surround.

“We know architects and designers encourage clients to use more interesting materials and push the boundaries with design,” says Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for AGB.

“Imago Points are where they can see the minimalist styling of Imago Lift & Slide timber doors and speak with expert joiners and installers.”

A map showing the 18 Imago Points across the UK and Ireland can be found on the website. Also on the website is Imago Toolkit, where visitors can download technical CAD drawings, specification requirements and 3D drawings as well as test data on weather and thermal performance.