A Staircase Inspired by The Sea

For a new home in the beautiful Constantine Bay in Cornwall, British Spirals & Castings collaborated with Jonathan Lees Architects to craft a bespoke helical staircase which draws inspiration from the curving patterns of a nautilus shell.

The property replaced an existing bungalow which stood on the plot. Whilst retaining the original ridge, the new building introduces bedrooms on a second floor. The building designs called for a statement staircase linking the entrance hall with a mezzanine gallery above.

Jonathan Lees Architects developed the initial designs with the curved conical nature of the stairs reflecting the geometry of the nautilus shell and simple balusters representing the ribs. He then approached British Spirals & Castings to develop and engineer these plans through to the finished staircase.

British Spirals & Castings are a family business located in Derbyshire. All our staircases, railings and balconies are design and crafted bespoke here in the UK. Through the use of computer aided design (CAD), we were able to quickly develop the initial concepts into the final design incorporating structural calculations.

The structure, balusters and handrail are all formed from steel which has been powder coated to colour match with other metalwork within the property. Both the fascia and balustrades should run continuously up the staircase and along the length of the mezzanine, creating a beautiful flow to the entire structure. The steel balustrade and handrail interconnects with those of the curved basement stairs that flowed under the main metal stairs.

The treads of the staircase are carved from premium oak which was bleached to match the finish of the white oak floor to the hall. The treads wrap around steel concealed steel supports, giving the illusion that they are floating over the metal structure.

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