A material world

Brendon Robins of Spatial Design Architects explores some of the recent trends when it comes to specifying key building materials for house designs There is a phrase ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and it is true that major... View Article

Exclusive blog: The future is now

It’s an inalienable fact that just as the world keeps on turning so does our desire to continuously innovate. Staying ahead of the game is crucial if we are to succeed in helping our clients now and in the future,... View Article

Smart answers on smart homes

Ben Johnson, director of Powertrac Electrical Services, a Berkshire-based smart home and electrical contractor, answers some of the frequently asked questions on smart homes. What is a smart home? In short, a smart home intelligently automates and allows you to... View Article

Controlled spirals

Antonia Harding of British Spirals & Castings dispels the myth that spiral staircases are dangerous and explains how they can be used effectively and safely in your project. With their architectural beauty and space-saving benefits, spiral staircases can be the perfect... View Article

Asbestos in the Home

More than 50 per cent of domestic homes in the UK contain asbestos, as well as tens-of-thousands of commercial properties. Asbestos fibres can be extremely hazardous, and cause more than 5,000 deaths in the UK each year. There are more... View Article

How to create a sustainable home

Ever-popular with self-builders and eco-enthusiasts alike, a sustainable home is becoming a very desirable option. Do it right and you can reduce your carbon footprint, and save yourself on your monthly bills. If it’s something you’re considering, you may be... View Article

Tips for installing your own fence

There are many reasons people choose to undertake DIY and can range from putting up shelves to building garages. Our latest post is here to offer some advice on how to install your own fence to ensure you get the... View Article

HOA on how a Brexit might affect homeowners

Paula Higgins, founder and Chief Executive of the HomeOwners Alliance (HOA) has the following thoughts on the impact of a Brexit on Britain’s homeowners: 1. Interest rates: Most economists expect if we do vote for Brexit, it will lead to... View Article

An energy-efficient show home

Scandia-Hus have recently opened their new Show Home, located in West Sussex. The property has a stunning contemporary style and is extremely energy-efficient with high levels of insulation Design The new show home showcases the quality of the Scandia-Hus specification... View Article

Underfloor heating – not just a load of hot air

Nigel Sanger, Technical Manager at JG Speedfit, explains why underfloor heating systems should be embraced and why more people should consider this alternative to traditional heating methods Over the last five years there has been a steady growth for underfloor... View Article

Floods, SuDS and paving

When you are planning a new or replacement drive, patio or other paving, whether around an existing home or as part of a new-build, you probably don’t think about where the rainwater landing on it will end up. But taking... View Article

Integrating technology into a project

Integrating technology into a self-build project is fast becoming the norm. CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) discusses what can be achieved by installing technology in the most important rooms in your house Bedrooms Comfort and style play... View Article

Future proofing

  Damion and Melanie Rothner took the stress out of their self-build with good research, forward planning and a reliable PM, by Heather Dixon Not everyone gets to see their house built at a national trade show before it arrives... View Article