Making the most of MMC

Oliver Rehm of kit house provider Baufritz discusses the increasing move towards offsite ‘modern methods of construction’ (MMC), why self-builders should consider it, and what offsite manufacturers can do to help them on their journey What is your assessment of... View Article

Ecodesign Stoves and the Clean Air Strategy

2019 Clean Air Strategy In January 2019 the UK government published its Clean Air Strategy in which it stated that that the “increase in burning solid fuels (wood and coal) in our homes (domestic burning) is having an impact on... View Article

Three perfect additions to your self built home

There are many advantages that come from designing and building your own home. It gives you an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction, and it can save you money too. Even more importantly, it allows you to have a home... View Article

Key considerations for a garage conversion

The base is one of the most important elements of your concrete garage, and if not built correctly you could soon end up with an unstable build rather than the desired strong platform. There are several factors that you should... View Article

Policy Exchange Report on Planning – expert comment

Following The Times’ story on the Policy Exchange report on planning and plans to overhaul the system, Paul Smith, MD of Strategic Land Group commented:  “The planning system is very recognisably the one that existed in 1947 when the socio-economic... View Article

Household maintenance to keep up with in Retirement

Retirement signals many things. Some people love the extra free time they have but they don’t think about the changes they might need to make to their home. Here are some of the household maintenance tasks you need to keep... View Article

A guide to site safety for self-build projects

With house prices ever increasing self-builds are becoming more and more popular as a way to get onto the housing ladder or move into a bigger property or better area. Undertaking this type of project also allows for the home... View Article

How to value a building plot

A plot is only worth what someone’s prepared to pay – but you should only be prepared to pay what it’s worth. Mark Stevenson, managing director of Potton & Kingspan Timber Solutions Ltd and self-build & renovation expert for the London Homebuilding &... View Article

A happy home is a well-designed home

Jason Orme, property expert and presenter of The Real Homes Show, explains how house design can make the home a happier place to be in. It’s a common belief that when we improve our homes, we improve our wellbeing.  Our homes... View Article

How to choose a bathroom to suit your needs

According to statistics the average bathroom costs between £2,700 and £6,500 pounds, with luxurious bathrooms topping £7,000 and rocketing into the hundreds of thousands for the most bespoke, high-end types. So, even at the cheaper end of the market, you’re... View Article

Re-think, re-purpose, relax

If you’re embarking on a house renovation project, this is an exciting opportunity to make your home truly suited to your lifestyle and tastes says Jo Dyson, partner of Mae House Design and renovation and interiors expert for the London Homebuilding & Renovating... View Article

Timber types

How do you decide what style of house is for you? The materials you choose can heavily influence the space you create. Carpenter Oak talk through some of the timber choices open to self-builders who want to put wood at... View Article

New permitted development rules are good for planning

Under new permitted development rules, homeowners in terraced and semi-detached homes will be able to put single story extensions of up to 6 metres at the rear of their properties without needing to obtain planning permission. Those in detached homes... View Article