Light up your life

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A guide to energy-efficient heating

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Reduce your water footprint

Bart Sobieszczanski of Ideal Standard answers the key questions around how to specify bathroom products to maximise water-saving benefits, and increase your build’s sustainability as well as cost-efficiency When it comes to water-saving in the home, one of the main... View Article

From the Editor…

Now that the prospect of England winning a major football final has receded back into the distance, life as normal can resume, which – er – means unlocking a country still full of Covid! However it has to happen at... View Article

A modern classic

Holly Ghent of Pash Classics explains the various rules to follow when looking to bring the classically suave and stylish Mid-Century Modern look back to life, in any room or space It’s an interior style that is almost 100 years... View Article

Victorian values brought up to date

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The power of neutral

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Power your life

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It’s time for timber

Andrew Orriss of the Structural Timber Association explains the basics around choosing structural timber, and why it holds so much promise for self-builds, particularly on sustainability grounds Structural timber is now used across over a quarter of all new homes... View Article

The major benefits of buying a new build property

Buying a new build is an excellent choice for any prospective homeowner. They make the perfect starter or family homes and have a wealth of potential for creating your ideal home. New builds are also highly cost-effective and a safe... View Article

Interior design for the festive period

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Pocket and planet

Here Paul Bailey of Grohe UK answers FAQs on how water-saving products can be incorporated into self-builders’ bathroom projects, to save them money and help the planet With a staggering 32 per cent of household daily water usage used for... View Article

Are Brits accident prone at home?

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Top tips for the treatment of woodworm

Woodworm is actually a common furniture beetle. A wood-boring insect. The destruction that an infestation causes can be traced to the larvae that dwell in timber and feed on it as a source of nutrition; boring huge, narrow tunnels. When... View Article

How to hire a man and van in Liverpool

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