The Red Thread: Nordic Design

The Red Thread explores the simplicity and functionality of Nordic design, both past and present. The book takes its name from a Swedish expression, den röda tråden (the red thread) which is a metaphor for the essence of a story of piece of creative work. The book explores the concept of design as a means of improvement and how Nordic design in particular aims to enhance the practical needs of everyday life. It demonstrates the Nordic region’s deep-rooted cultural aesthetic by showcasing the diversity of design through more than 200 objects. From functional items to exquisitely designed ornaments and traditional handmade textiles to mass-produced furniture.

Organised into three categories – Design to Improve Life, Design to Improve Spaces and Design to Improve Relationships – The Red Thread is an all-encompassing look at the significance of Nordic design. Each page is devoted to a single object.

The Red Thread is written by Oak Publishing and will be published by Phaidon on 22 May, with an RRP o £49.95.