Sunspaces appears on ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Did you spot Sunspace on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV recently?

SunSpaces was featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden! To help transform Mark Ormrod’s family garden, we supplied a SunSpace Aspire+ Veranda with a glass roof.

This surprise project was in aid of Mark Ormrod, a former Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan. Mark’s story has been well documented in the press and has had high level support from Prince Harry. Since becoming the UK’s first triple amputee, Mr Ormrod has created a lot of awareness for the men and women wounded in action fighting on behalf of our country. ITV really wanted to support this inspirational man, and we were more than happy to help!

We knew that our Sunspace Aspire+ was the perfect solution to the family’s outdoor challenges. The glass roof veranda is a stylish addition to any home and sturdy enough to offer all the protection needed to relax outside.

Sunspace Aspire+ verandas with a glass roof are modern, sophisticated and durable verandas. Their contemporary design provides you with shelter and the perfect space to relax or entertain in – for the Omrod’s it means more time in the hot tub!

These verandas are available either as attached or detached. Attached Aspire+ verandas are fixed to the back or side of your house, while the detached verandas can be placed anywhere you prefer in your garden.

Our Aspire+ verandas with glass roofs have few supports hence gives you a clear, unbarred view. They come in 4 standard colours. They are also available in a range of other colours for an additional cost. We also offer a broad range of accessories to accompany our glass roof verandas.

SunSpaces products are sure to improve your garden time too, so if you are interested in transforming your outside space, contact our team now!

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