Purevision slim line models of their multi-fuel stoves

Charlton & Jenrick are pleased to announce the launch of the slim line versions of their popular Purevision stoves. New models are available in the new slim line format are the PV5W, BPV5W (Black) and the Classic CPV5W.

The new versions keep the same look, design and feel but benefit from being shallower and in the case of the Classic stove also shorter. This was after feedback from their customers who love the look and performance of the Purevision stoves but were looking for a more universal fitting stove that would fit into more situations.

The new PV5W/BPV5W slim line stove is 352mm deep compared where the full depth version that is 424mm. The Classic CPV5W slim line is 410mm deep compared to the full depth version that is 512mm. The new CPV5W slim line is also shorted than the original at 711mm high compared to 760mm.

Charlton & Jenrick have recently announced a significant price decrease across the Purevision range and the new RRP inc. Vat on the PV5W/BPV5W slim lines is £1,175. The CPV5W slim line is £1,455 inc. VAT.

For more information or to arrange a display please speak to your sales manager or ring the sales office on 0845 519 5991.

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