Pro auction combines physical and digital auction platforms with latest technology

Collectors of stunning antiques, from art to furniture, might think they have to be present in the sale room to fully appreciate the lots and get the best deal but Pro Auction is changing that. Seamlessly combining the latest innovative technology on the market with physical auctions, the leading UK furniture auction house is giving bidders all over the world a unique opportunity to snap up the luxurious lots on offer.

Catering to everyone from casual private buyers looking to purchase an unusual gift to luxury designers that are investing in an exquisite Baccarat chandelier, the Pro Auction platform streamlines the process of browsing, bidding, and transporting items that have successfully been won. Over the last two decades in operation Pro Auction has established itself as a leader in the industry and it’s no different where technology is concerned. Implementing best in sector services, including a mobile responsive website, online valuation, commission bidding tools, user friendly digital auction catalogues, and bidding portals, the brand has been able to expand its reach across the world. Through live webcast, bidders can participate in the auction in real time, with their bids being instantly relayed to the auctioneer.

Simon Rose, Director and Principal Auctioneer of Pro Auction, said:

“While attending an auction is a great experience in itself we quickly recognised that many collectors were missing out on incredible opportunities to pick up stunning lots simply because of their location. While many auctions now facilitate online sales, the whole experience can often leave a lot to be desired for the buyer, putting them off and affecting not only them but the sellers too. Through crafting an approach that uses the best tools and technology available we’re able to deliver a customer experience that’s second to none, even when they’re on the other side of the world.”

As well as the live webcasts on offer from Pro Auction, the business also offers online only timed auctions. Interested parties can simply browse the hundreds of lots the leading auction house has on offer and place a bid during the defined time period, with the highest bidder securing the luxury item.

The combination of physical and digital auctions means that sellers utilising Pro Auction’s years of experience can access potential buyers

from all over the world. Its approach not only gives vendors a great opportunity to reach a larger potential audience but means avid collectors have access to a much greater array of items, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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