Five reasons why you should consider home improvements

In today’s market, there’s just as much emphasis on home improvement as there is purchasing a property. Homeowners across the world are now spending more money, more frequently on home improvements, in an attempt to add some extra class to the image of their property and improve functionality.

Whether you’re borrowing money to pay for a home extension or saving up for the conservatory you’ve always dreamed of, there’s never been a better time to overhaul your home’s image.

With just a few changes, homeowners can see the value of their property soar, attracting new potential buyers who might not have previously shown interest. Whether you’re planning on selling or just keen to reignite that long lost love of your space, we’re bringing you 5 reasons to consider home improvements:

1. An extension of the new you

Not every home will reflect the needs and wants of its owner. There are few people in the property market who are completely happy with their home, but with some tweaks – both large and small – you could be one step closer to living in a home you love. An extension affords you the ability to be creative, while having complete control over the design – and is a great solution for buildings short on space.

Whether you’re adding new additions to the family and need the extra rooms, want to open up space in a cramped living area or just like the idea of an ensuite for the master bedroom, an extension is a great way of transforming your home and adding value for when it’s time to sell.

2. Love your loft

Nearly every homeowner has a magnitude of storage and space unknowingly ready to be transformed. A loft conversion is a fantastic way to change your home internally, rather than expanding the exterior of your property – and this welcomed luxury can prove far less problematic than applying for planning permission for a proposed home extension.

The loft can serve the purpose of a new bedroom, a bespoke hidden sanctuary or simply provide more storage space – and with a conversion estimated to improve the average value of a home by around 20%, you could see a substantial boost in profit when it comes to selling up.

3. Spice up the kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the hub of the home and a place where everyone can come together – and if this is true of your home, it’s well worth investing in an interior overhaul. Beauty and efficiency are vital when re-designing – and with storage and space often hard to come by, being smart with the layout is essential. High street kitchen companies have various designs that are both storage and price efficient, while maintaining basic functionality and visual beauty – so spend some time shopping around.

4. Show beauty on the outside

For many potential buyers, their mind is made up within seconds of viewing the exterior of the property. With an abundance of homes on numerous estate agents’ sites, it’s wise to improve the overall exterior image of your home to attract both onlookers and buyers alike.

People take pride in knowing their home can compete with the most attractive properties on the street and you should be no different. Repainting the window sills or fitting new glass doors that show off the garden area can drastically change first opinions of your property. In a saturated marketplace, every detail counts – which is why it’s of vital importance to make your home stand out among the rest and give yourself the best chance of selling for the price you want.

5. Become efficient with your energy

Investing in renewable energy mechanisms for your home can be incredibly profitable in the long run. Finding the right technology depends entirely on where your home is, but choosing the most suitable plan can dramatically help you save on energy bills – while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar thermal panels allow for free warm water when the sun is shining, while wind turbines can provide electricity to homes. Although the integration of some devices can prove costly in the beginning, it’s a worthy investment if the location of your home can provide the sufficient weather to run them.

Now has never been a better time to improve, upgrade and redesign your home. When the time comes to put your property on the market, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to increase your home’s appeal ahead of time. And if you’re staying put, you reap the benefits of increased space, storage and energy efficiency.