Clean and green with BioLPG from Calor

Eco-conscious self-builders can now do their bit towards a greener, cleaner environment with the launch of the UK’s first BioLPG fuel supply from Calor.

If you’re building in the country, with no access to mains gas, you may spend a lot more time than the average city dweller thinking about how best to fuel your home. Perhaps you’ve thought about renewable technologies but are concerned about their long-term reliability or upfront costs?

Now, with the launch of Calor BioLPG (a new form of liquefied petroleum gas), it’s easy to ‘go green’ – without any real upfront costs or upheaval.

A great alternative to oil
Traditionally oil heating has been one of the most common forms of rural heating; however, its carbon footprint is higher than alternative energy sources such as LPG or renewables. As it is also an easy target for thieves, you may want to consider a more secure way to heat your home.

Many self-builders without access to mains gas opt for LPG to fuel their property as it provides all the benefits of gas for heating, hot water and cooking.

It also emits 20 per cent less carbon per kwh than heating oil, so is the first step when considering a greener energy solution.

BioLPG from Calor takes these benefits one step further. It is identical to standard LPG, but is created from a mix of renewable materials and waste, such as organic plant materials, vegetable oils and animal fats. This means that using BioLPG will reduce your carbon footprint for home heating by at least 15 per cent versus conventional LPG – and even more vs oil.

 The other great benefit is that it has the same chemical composition as LPG, so it can be used with standard LPG heating systems and cooking appliances.

Direct to your door
Getting supplies of this new ‘green gas’ is easy too as, just like its standard LPG delivery service, Calor will deliver BioLPG straight to your home when required.

BioLPG will be available later this year from Calor for a small surcharge per litre, on a ‘Green’ 40 per cent renewable tariff. This means you can relax knowing that at least 40 per cent of the LPG you use is sustainable.

Customers wanting to learn more about how to go green with Calor BioLPG should visit or call 0800 121 4531.